Korea Science Academy of KAIST

International Admissions for the year 2024

1. Eligibility

2. Number of Students to be Selected

3. Admissions Process

4. Documents to be submitted

A. Online Submission

  1. Application Form
  2. Personal Statement
  3. Recommendation Letters :
    (A) from Math or Science teacher
    (B) from English or Homeroom teacher
  4. Official Academic Records (over the recent three year period)
  5. A Photocopy of Passport (Applicant & Parents, valid until at least August 31, 2024)

* All documents should be written in English and submitted on the KSA Admissions Website (http://admission.ksa.hs.kr/english)

B. Airmail Submission

  1. Official Academic Records (over the recent three year period)
  2. A Photocopy of Passport ((Applicant & Parents, valid until at least August 31, 2024)
  3. Middle school enrollment certificate or middle school graduation certificate

5. Application Schedule

Stage, Schedule (GMT +0900)
Stage Schedule (GMT +0900)
  • Admissions Announcement
Jan. 9th .2023
  • Online Submission of Application Form & Recommendation Letters
~ Mar. 17th .2023
  • Airmail Submission of Documents
  • 1st Stage of Document Review
Mar. 23rd ~ Mar. 31st .2023
  • Announcement of 1st Stage Result
Apr. 12th .2023
  • 2nd Stage : Tests for Mathematics/English Interviews
Apr. 17th ~ May 12th .2023
  • Announcement of Final Candidates
May 22nd .2023
  • 『 The dates above may change according to school circumstances
  • 『 2nd Stage tests and interviews will be given to those applicants who pass the 1st stage
  • 『 No application fee
  • 『 Rolling Admissions: We accept applications and make decisions periodically until places are filled

6. Pre-enrollment Education for Admittee

7. Financial Aid

KSA will provide the following expenses free of charge.

Educational Expenses, Other Expenses
Educational Expenses Other Expenses
  • A. Tuition Fees
  • B. Overseas Training Programs
  • C. Creative Research Activity Program including R&E
  • D. Leadership Activity Programs
  • E. High-school Research Program at KAIST
  • A. Room and Board
  • B. Exeat Programs
    (eg. Korean Culture Experiences, once a month)
  • C. Special Holiday Programs (Twice a year)
  • D. Pre-enrollment Programs
  • E. International Academic Exchange Programs
  • F. International Science Fair Participation Fee
  • G. Other expenses are supportable according to school policy

『 E, F will be provided for selected students according to school policy.


8. Personal Expenses

9. Important Reminder


Office of Admissions
Korea Science Academy of KAIST
105-47, Baegyanggwanmun-ro
Busanjin-gu, 47162, Busan
Republic of Korea


+82-51-606-2273, 2182 (09:00 ~ 12:30, 13:30 ~ 17:00 Monday through Friday, GMT +0900)





International Admissions Website


2024 KSA International students Admission leaflet download